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ICLEI Brussels Office

ICLEI is represented in the capital of the European Union by the ICLEI Brussels Office. By having a presence in Brussels, ICLEI is amidst the most politically powerful institutions in Europe and representations of regional and local governments and thus in an ideal position to network and represent Members where it matters.

The Brussels Office is headed up by Peter Defranceschi. Peter holds degrees in Law, and Human Rights and Democracy in the Mediterranean. He is fluent in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Peter is joined by Project Assistant Claudia Fantini.

For further information on how to contact the ICLEI Brussels Office, click here.

Breakfast at Sustainability's

The Brussels Office is host to Europe’s leading, ongoing sustainability discussions, Breakfast at Sustainability’s (B@S). The small, informal meetings are moderated by representatives of regional and local governments. Topics covered are related to sustainable community developments that are essential to public authorities.

Highlight event

B@S 21 - Potential of the circular economy explored at 21st Breakfast at Sustainability's

9 November 2016

Around one hundred participants took part in the 21st ICLEI Breakfast at Sustainability's (B@S) event in Brussels (Belgium) on the potential of the circular economy, demonstrating the increasing interest that exists on the topic among European regions. Co-organiser of the event the Common Representation of the European Region Tyrol - South Tyrol and Trentino presented their work on integrating the circular economy, outlining ambitious waste treatment, smart energy, and CO2 reduction plans.

Herbert Dorfmann, Member of the European Parliament, gave a short overview on the state-of-the-art on circular economy at EU policy level, while Joanna Drake, Deputy Director General of DG Environment, provided an update on the latest developments from the European Commission. Ms Drake confirmed that the European Commission was on track with the Circular Economy package and urged cities and region to support the action plan though bottom-up initiatives, mentioning the importance of green public procurement for the implementation of the circular economy.

Following a video outlining the circular economy concept, a panel discussion featuring ACR+, Zero Waste Europe and Green Alliance was held, looking at ways to progress on circular economy solutions. The website of the Circular Europe Network was recommended as a source of circular economy good practice examples. Alessandro Carano from DG Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Commission announced the creation of an investment platform on circular economy within the European Investment Bank.

For more information, contact peter.defranceschi@iclei.org.