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Albertslund is a commuter town 17 km west of Copenhagen, with a population of approximately 30,000. Built using urban planning principles from the 1960‘s, Albertslund has dense, low-rise residential areas which mainly consist of prefabricated housing. 60 percent of the city is made up of green spaces and parks.

Strategies developed to meet Albertslund’s environmental challenges include: a green accounting system, which invites council departments, citizens and businesses to record and improve their emissions, waste, energy and water consumption; a local office guiding and supporting the citizens on everyday matters concerning green living; the C99 cycle super highway, a high-speed bike lane which links the town directly to the centre of Copenhagen; and a 100 percent environmentally certified administration that ensures environmental objectives are carried out on all levels.

The city is one of seven partners in the Danish Green Cities cooperation and a signatory to the Covenant of Mayors. It has made a commitment to cut its CO2 emissions by a third by 2020 and is aiming to reach this target by increasing sustainable forms of transport and encouraging innovations in energy efficiency.

The City Council hopes to see the Albertslund solutions replicated in other European cities, and has opened various areas to study tours and public visits.

Sustainability Focus: the city as a living laboratory

Albertslund’s homogenous city structure makes it the perfect place to display different urban solutions. The city has defined itself as a 1:1 ‘climate laboratory’ for innovations in the field of urban development and sustainability.

The best known Living Lab example is the Albertslund Concept. This has brought together the public sector, private partners and local citizens in a triple helix model to develop and display energy efficient housing renovation solutions.

A housing organisation has provided a row of six identical houses as 1:1 test facilities for different prefabricated energy efficient solutions at different costs. Houses are retrofitted using modern energy technology and rational construction methods to ensure improved indoor air quality and brighter interiors with more natural light. Pre-fabricated insulation solutions help keep costs low.

The industrial area “Hersted Industripark” has recently opened The Living Lighting Lab, a new facility for testing energy efficient lighting technologies and smart city applications. Fourteen lighting manufacturers will exhibit and test cutting edge lighting and technology along the roads of the industrial area. The Living Lighting Lab is the backbone of the transformation of Hersted Industripark into a hub for Nordic lighting and Smart City development.

In order to measure and evaluate the outcomes of the different solutions, the city administration has put a great deal of effort into involving appropriate suppliers as well as the Danish Technological Institute.


Fast facts

  • Albertslund has 130km of off-road cycle paths, enabling cyclists to travel safely in and around the city.
  • 6,000 homes will be energy renovated throughout the city by 2025, at a cost of about €1.5 billion.
  • Using new LED lamps in outdoor lighting has reduced CO2 emissions by 3 tonnes annually.
  • Between 2006 and 2015, the city expects to make a 25 percent reduction in its CO2 emissions, equivalent to 52,000 tonnes.



  • Albertslund won the Nordic Energy Municipality 2011 Award for its work on energy efficiency in homes.
  • Albertslund received The Nordic Council Nature and Environmental Prize for environmentally sustainable city development.
  • The city also received the European Sustainable City Award for the creation of municipal eco-audits.

"The environment is one of three key political issues in Albertslund. Our vision is to “think globally and act locally.” As the only 100 % environmentally certified municipality in Denmark, we take relevant actions to reduce the environmental impacts from our activities. We support green growth and green solutions in the business and industrial sectors as well as local green initiatives among the residents.

For 23 years we have published a green account for the whole city showing the consumption of heat, electricity and water, the production of waste and CO2 emissions. As co-founder and active member of the Green Cities network, we have created a solid platform with other ambitious Danish municipalities to approach the environmental and climate agenda.

I’m glad to have the opportunity to communicate Albertslund’s initiatives for sustainable solutions to other ICLEI members. Whether it comes to energy efficient renovation in the Albertslund Concept, electric vehicles in the municipal fleet, local solutions for waste management or intelligent LED city lightning, Albertslund has the political will and ambitions to develop the sustainable solutions for tomorrow."

Steen Christensen
Mayor of Albertslund

ICLEI and Albertslund: Albertslund has been a member of ICLEI since January 2009 and is a signatory to the Covenant of Mayors.

Website: www.albertslund.dk