28 June 2018

THERMOS launches new thermal energy planning software and Ambassador Programme to simplify and improve energy planning in cities

The alpha version of the new thermal energy planning software, which aims to simply and improve energy planning in cities, was launched yesterday, 27 June, in Jelgava (Latvia) by the THERMOS project.

The software, which was developed in close cooperation with cities, including ICLEI Member cities Warsaw (Poland), Cascais (Portugal), Berlin (Germany), and Alba Iulia (Romania), has been designed to meet the needs of local energy authorities and thermal planners.

The software aims to reduce the considerable complexity and expenses cities face when planning local heat networks and to build capacities among energy planners to identify the most suitable option for their context.

The software was launched during a Capacity Building and Train-the-Trainer workshop held in Jelgava as part of the THERMOS project. During the workshop the THERMOS Trainer Certification and Ambassador Programme was also launched.

The Trainer Certification and Ambassador Programme is open to cities, energy agencies and public and private utilities ready to assess and then share the benefits of the THERMOS software for improved local district energy planning and sustainable energy, and climate action planning in cities.

Through the programme, Ambassadors will receive full access to the software and further associated features, covering capacity building material and state-of-the-art data on heating and cooling and energy planning. Ambassadors are further invited to assign Trainers to receive exclusive guidance on the software.

For more information about the THERMOS Group of Ambassadors and the Trainers Programme and how to participate, please contact