Waste & Circular Economy

30 January 2019

WasteInProgress puts the focus on the “pay-as-you-throw” system in cities

WasteInProgress, the international forum on municipal waste management, will focus its third edition on the “pay-as-you-throw” model and present successful case studies with waste collection models from cities all over the world with recycling results greater than 60%.

Leipzig (Germany), Bern (Switzerland), Veneto (Italy) and Le Grand Besançon (France) will be among those sharing their experience with the PAYT system. The forum will take place in Girona (Spain) from 6-8 March, and ICLEI members get a 10% discount on the registration fee for the event.

PlastiCircle, an H2020 project in which ICLEI is involved, will participate in the Innovation Lab area and give a presentation on how to reward good practices in recycling by using smart containers.

The PlastiCircle team is working on the development of an innovative collection system able to identify the quantity and quality of packaging deposited in the containers, and to automatically inform waste transport companies. This and the other solutions developed as part of the project will be tested in Alba Iulia (Romania), Valencia (Spain), and Utrecht (the Netherlands).

Meeting recycling goals as established by European, state and regional laws; incorporating effective waste prevention strategies, and implementing plans for managing peaks in waste production associated with an influx of visitors will be some of the hot topics and challenges participants will discuss during the three days of the forum.

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